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ESD Protection

posted on Mar 18, 2016| tags: esd protection protection esd

ESD Protection Is Necessary for avoiding damage or loss caused in Industries that can be obtained easily by using the Detall services.

Packing ESD Table

Detall Packing ESD Table parts are made of ESD material, including ground kit, ESD laminate tabletop, anti-static table and others to enhance quality.

ESD Workstation Advantages

Detall ESD workstation is amazing in nature which meet the global standards, produced by creative designers thus offers the most useful products.

Laboratory ESD Workbench

Detall produce a wide range of Laboratory ESD Workbench. All working surface is ESD safe and permanent anti static workbench validity.

Detall Technical And ESD Furniture

posted on Jan 03, 2016| tags: esd furniture furniture esd technical technical


Detall is the top manufacturer of technical and ESD furniture. We are trusted by many reputed clients including Blackberry, Siemense and Honeywell.

ESD Workbench

posted on Dec 08, 2015| tags: esd workbench esd workbenches


Detall ESD Workbench table top use the best ESD laminating from Wilson art. Major reputed companies are already using our top quality and tested ESD workbenches.